Resupply/Meeting Points on Trail

Segment 1 (5 days- 40.3miles) Bk-4, L-4, D-4

Whitney Portal- Leaving July 3rd.
Kearsarge Pass-Meeting Tom Sharpe  July 7th
High Pts./Passes Camps
Mt. Whitney-14,505 #1-Crest Trail below WHitney
Forester Pass-13100 #2-Wallace Creek
Sights #3-Bubbs Creek/Vindette Mead.
Split Mt. 14,000ft #4- extra day(split Mt.)
#5-Kearsarge Pass Junc.
Avg. per day=8.06mi.

Segment 2_- (3 days  44mi.) Bk-4, L-4, D-4
Kearsarge Lakes- Food Drop, Tom Sharpe Leave time July 8th
LeConte Canyon(Bishop Pass turn off) July 11th.
Tom brings in 1 dinner and 1 bk.
High Pts./Passes Camps
Glenn Pass-11960 #6-Below Pinchot Pass
Pinchot Pass-12130 #7-Upper Basin
Mather Pass-12100 #8-Split Mnt. 27.6mi. in
Avg. per day=11mi.
Segment 3 (3 days 31.1mi.)        Bk-3, L-3, D-3
LeConte Canyon- Leave 12th 
Muir Trail Ranch(Resupply) 14th
Joe brings in 1 dinner and 1 bk.
High Pts./Passes Camps
Muir Pass-11980 #10-Evolution Basin
#11-Extra Day
Sights #12-Muir Ranch
Evolution Basin
Avg. per day=10.37mi.

Segment 4 (2 days-19.5mi.) Bk-2, L-2, D-2
Muir Trail Ranch -Leave July 15th 
Vermillion Valley Resort -Arrive 16th
Rex Bringing Cache in for Muir to Mammoth

High Pts./Passes Camps
Seldon Pass-10890 #13-After Seldon Pass
#14-Thomas Edison
Avg. per day=9.7mi.

Segment 5 (3 days-29.9mi.) Bk-3, L-3, D-3
Thomas Edison Lake -Leave 17th
Devil's Postpile -Arrive 19th
When stopping at Thomas Edison Dave Havlek will probably just bring in lunch and a couple beers, plus anything we might need for the next 3 days.
High Pts./Passes Camps
silver Pass-10750 #15-Cascade Vly
#16-Purple lake
#17-Mammoth Lakes
Avg. per day=10mi.

Segment 6
Devil's Postpile - Leave 22nd
Tuolomne Meadows  -Arrive 24th
High Pts./Passes Camps
Island Pass-10,205 #18-Garnet/Thousand Lk
Donahue Pass-11,060 #19-?
#20- Lyell Canyon
Segment 7(2 days 22.8mi.)
Tuolomne Meadows to Happy Isles in Yosemite Valley 
3 days
Avg. per day=7.6mi.


  1. Looks like my old friend Tom Sharpe is going to meet me over Kearsarge pass. Should work pretty well. My brother in-law Gilbert starts off with me jUly 2nd. Hikes to Kearsarge here I meet Tom. Hopefully he can continue until Bishop pass,

  2. Just updated this. See the people who are meeting me along the way. Mammoth is a good spot since I'm staying 2 days. Let's meet up and have a BBQ